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Instead of packing your stuff, loading your car, driving through traffic, spending money on gas, only to wait in line for your buyback quote at a store full of people (sounds miserable, right?), we come to you.

We will go through each item with our portable quote machine, tally up the payment, load and move your stuff into our vehicle. PLUS we pay CASH, on the spot. No hassles, no waiting, conveniently around your schedule, right in your home.

Good fits for us include:

  • If you are about to have a Yard/Garage Sale
  • Those about to move or looking to downsize. Books are heavy and a pain to move!
  • Students with textbooks their school no longer purchases
  • Anyone who'd rather have cash in hand over DVDs and CDs cluttering their shelves
  • Coordinators of a school or church Rummage Sale
  • Organizers of estate sales or Library Book Sales.
  • Real Estate professionals who refer clients get paid for sharing a lead

Items sought include your full collection of media products. These consist of Books, DVDs, CDs, and video games. We pay the most for these items when we are contacted BEFORE the sale starts. We can always tell when things are picked over--be fair to us and we will be, too. Chances are we will still make an offer, but our best offers are made before a sale.

The benefit of using our service is that we take everything. When you individually price items, you will always end us with leftovers.

Call (or text) 708.825.7952 or email us and we schedule a time at your convenience to come and evaluate your products.

General questions include:

- Approximately how many items
- Are they in boxes? (If not, we will bring them--we have plenty!)
- Is this a first floor location (If not, no need to move them--we just want to make sure we wear the correct shoes) :-)

Word of mouth is our greatest asset, and we promise to be fair and assess your material honestly. If it's not a good fit, we will let you know. It is in our best interest to pay you the most we can. In seven years of home visits, we've only had a handful of times where this has been the case.

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